Monday, September 24, 2007

Week 3 Photos and Images


What a week!!!!!
Victorian Public library Staff enrolled over 500 blogs in the Learning 2.0 Program last week......
what an accomplishment!!!

(what a challenge for us frantically putting your blogs onto participants lists, updating tracking logs and setting up RSS feeds and commenting on your wonderful achievements ...

This week activities look at the photosharing site Flickr. You will also get to play around with Flickr mashups and 3rd party sites . The image above has been generated on a 3rd party billboard site called Big Huge Labs.

To go to the Activities for this week, go to your library blog down the side of this page and click on the activities associated with Week 3 - Photos and Images

Some Hints for this week

Helping us track your progress
Please make sure when you adding a new post to your blog you label it clearly with what activity you are doing (ie : #5 flickr) so it is easier for us to track where you are up to.

Adding a photo to Flickr
If you would like to share some photos of your library or someone doing the Learning 2.0 program please feel free to upload them to the Vicpubliclibraries Flickr account (login and password emailed to you)
You can't however put a link from this site onto your blog.

To upload a photo to your blog:
1. Save the photo you want to upload to your computer (either by a right mouse click for the image or click on the file and save as from the menu bar)

2. Log into your blog and go to a new post.

3.Click on the Add image icon along the top of the post editing page.
This will open a window where you can browse your computer for the image you have saved

4. Click on upload image and it should appear on your blog.

5. After you have uploaded the image to your blog you will be able to move it around the page.

6. Click publish post to make the post live on your blog.

Getting help
Don't forget you can email us any time if you need help

Friday, September 14, 2007

Week 2- Blogging!

So, now begins the fun bit! The second week's activity link has been posted and we expect all of you who haven't made a blog, to jump in feet first and give it a try : ) It's pretty easy when you get the hang of it, and we promise that you will all get better and more confident as time goes by.

Scroll down the righthand side of this page until you find your library service. Click on this link and it will take you to your library's main blog. It might be a good idea to write down these addresses or bookmark them for future use.

Once you've gotten to your library page, click on the heading of each week, or the underlined link, to take you to the activities page. There, you will need to follow the steps to complete the week's 'thing'.

On the side of the pages you will find some other links, a 'Site of the week' link that will have a new interesting website to explore each week, and also your library 'Participants' Blogs' page, where you can find a list of the blogs already created by staff at your library. Here you can click on each one, to see what your colleagues have been up to. There are not many listed as yet, since it is still early in the program, but keep tuned to this area, as it is a good place to be inspired and entertained!

For those of you who have already registered blogs, if you do not see your blog listed on your library 'Participants Blogs' page, you will need to check the URL you sent to us via the registration, as we have not been able to list some of the blogs due to incorrect addresses. Remember, you are registering the blog that YOU have created, not your library blog page, and your address should read:

http://insert name of blog

If your blog is not listed, work your way through Week 2's activity and you should be able to create and register your blog successfully. Please feel free to contact us for help at any time at

Due to popular demand we have decided to activate three week's 'things' in advance so that people can work ahead if they should want. These links should be up and active early next week. Please remember to label each week's post as #5 or #6 we can keep track of your progress. You can also view your progress on the 'Staff tracking Log', the link of which can be found down the side of your library blog.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Week 1 - Let's begin!

Welcome to the Victorian Public Libraries Learning 2.0 Program.
Well, we’ve had an overwhelming response to the program so far and have reached our goal of 1000 registrants!
Congratulations to all of you who have chosen to participate in this wonderful program and who are on your way to developing an understanding of the Web 2.0 tools readily available in today’s society.

The first week’s activity link is now available and we hope you enjoy your Learning 2.0 journey.
To begin click on your library blog at the side of this page.
You will need to go to Week 1 (you don't need to register, as this was done last week).
Week one is simply a podcast on lifeling learning. It will give you some "food for thought".
If you should need any help, feel free to contact us on

Good luck!