Sunday, August 12, 2007

Welcome to the Public Libraries Learning 2.0 Program

We invite Victorian public libraries to participate in the Learning 2.0 skills development program.
Learning 2.0 is an online training program that is being run as part of the Statewide Public Library Development Projects.

There is room for 1,000 participants from across Victoria’s public libraries and it would be a great achievement to include every Victorian public library service in the program

Learning 2.0 is an online, self paced learning program designed to help you discover web 2.0 technologies freely available on the internet.

The program was developed by Helene Blowers from the Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. She has licensed the program under Creative Commons and it is now used by libraries around the world.

Each topic consists of:
A podcast outline
Discovery resources and instructions
A choice of activities to complete.

Information about Learning 2.0 is set out on your library service’s blog featuring the 23 topics or ‘things’ for you to complete.


Computer with Internet access
Sound card to listen to pod casts
Headphones if you plan to complete the program in a public area.

And most importantly…A sense of adventure to learn and PLAY!


Click on the link to your library service.
Your library’s blog links to:
Learning 2.0 program
A link to register your participation (Week one of the program)
Online blog registration (available from Week 2 of the program)
Frequently Asked Questions about the program
Blog of participants from your library service
Tracking log monitoring your progress and that of your colleagues as you work through the program.

As you progress through each week of the program the links on your library blog will become active. This means you cannot go ahead of the program, but if you are unable to complete your weekly activity; it will remain live so you can catch up.

Registration begins: Wednesday 29 August 2007
Program begins: Monday 10 September 2007
Program ends: Monday 3 December 2007


Everyone participating in the program during the above dates is in the running to WIN fantastic weekly prizes including:

Digital Cameras, iPods, Memory Sticks and more…

A weekly prize will also be awarded to the participant with the most innovative idea or suggestion for that week’s activities*.
The name of the week’s winner will appear on this blog and on the Viclink list.

Everyone who completes the program will be in the running for a MAJOR prize.

All who complete the program will receive a Certificate of Achievement.
If you want to do the program outside these dates you can, but you will not be eligible to win prizes.


Webgurl said...

Have you got a digital copy of the Getting Started - Working through the program leaflet?

Cheers, Maryanne
Eastern Regional Libraries
maryanne.gosling at

Bayside Library Online Learning said...

HI, any chance you can change the Bayside Learning blog to the one I already have set-up?

regrads Karyn

Bayside Library Online Learning said...

PS. Well done on the set-up it must have taken ages!!!!


Webgurl said...

Also are we getting the login details so we can edit our own library's learning 2.0 blog. Really want to use proper images on the template. Ours is looking a bit pixellated. Otherwise looks great!

Cheers, Maryanne

Victorian Public Libraries Learning 2.0 Project said...

The starters kit is now available on the blog

Victorian Public Libraries Learning 2.0 Project said...

Bayside library now links to your blog....hope your staff are enjoying the program

Victorian Public Libraries Learning 2.0 Project said...

Maryanne, You can't edit your blog, but if you like to email me your image (and I guess you mean the very tiny one...I can put a better one on your blog