Monday, October 15, 2007

Week 5- Play week!

We know that many of you are struggling with tasks and time constraints for this program, so you'll be pleased to hear that Week 5 is Play Week! This week's exercise asks you to spend time playing with online Image Generators which, although frivolous, are wonderful for party invitations, signage, motivational aids (like the one above), displays and presentations. Try your hand at creating something silly- you'll enjoy it!
Also we ask you to explore Library Thing which is a cataloguing program. You can catalogue your books at home and see the 'shelves' of other readers! We've actually just installed this at work so our catalogue presents search results with an added 'cloud' at the bottom of similar writers, genres etc. It's proving quite popular with patrons.
Finally there is Rollyo- a searching tool, which can be customised to fit within selected search parameters of your choice. This is great for school projects or personal hobbies.
We hope you have fun this week!

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