Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The End!


Well done to everyone involved, for your hard work and creativity.
To all of you who put in the heroic effort needed to finish this program by the end date- a huge round of applause! To those of you who started and did not manage to complete it, I hope you gained something from the program and we will be leaving it up for any who are interested in continuing it in their own time.

We are so impressed and inspired by your interest and enthusiasm, your willingness to help and comment on each other's blogs, and your willingness to put in the long hours, often in your own time. Apologies for any hiccups along the way- all in all we've had a blast and hope you have too.

Keep on exploring-
Best Wishes,
Leslie and Lynette


Fylkesbibliotekene said...

Wow! You did it! Congratulations to you all. From Heidi - who worked at YPRL October 2007 :)

BoarKing said...

Hello Leslie & Lynette,

Thanks for your efforts, and special thanks for giving the Boarking blog your final weeks first prize!

Ernst U. Boarking

Webgurl said...

Hi Lynette and Leslie

Yes it was a blast!

A big cheer for all of your hard work throughout this program.

You must have gone cross-eyed looking at all of the blogs each week.

Cheers, Maryanne
p.s. Having a good time doing Learning 2.1. Just discovered splashup - http://www.splashup.com

L.I.S.T. said...

I like to add my thanks also for the hard work you ladies have done and congratulations to everyone for having a go.

sunshine said...

Thank you to Lynette and Leslie for all their work. I've enjoyed this exercise and having completed it, I'll continue with Learning 2.1.

Pat Miller said...

Hi Lynette and Leslie,
Polyxena at Boroondara has discovered that there is also a Learning 2.1 course running out of Helene Blowers library for anyone who wants to keep on learning: http://explorediscoverplay.blogspot.com/2007_04_01_archive.html


The Farmster said...

Hi Leslie

Well, I finished, although it was a rush at the end which did not do justice to the idea behind it all. Thank you for all your assistance. I am not at my home computer so am posting this on the open comments site.

Anonymous said...

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